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Getting ready, things you need to know and do beforehand

Dear Customer,

Thank you for trusting Derek Jeanneret Cleaning with your cleaning needs.  I have created a simple “Getting Ready Guide” for what you need to know & things you need to do beforehand, check list. It should answer any questions you may have and speed up the whole process. If you would like detailed information of the process , have a look at  About the process i use.   When we are finished, your carpets and upholstery will be fresh, and hygienically clean !

First up! Lets just check the following:

  • Please read the access requirements on the “About the  process page” around half  way down.   Just to double check I can actually do your job.
  • No other tradesperson’s are scheduled on the site that day.
  • Any painting has had at least 72 hours to dry. Paint maybe touch dry in 4 hours but it can’t have water or condensation on it. Have a look at this Dulux® page  as a guide look at the ” Precautions ” section at end .
  • Driveway and/or garage area clear. Need a reasonable level area to park?
  • Water tap available outside near Van (within about 20Μ).
  • Building is not a Construction Site with Nails, Screws, Mud, Soil, rubble etc. between van and work area.
  • If Moving Out, carpets should be the last on your list. If Moving In, they should be scheduled 24≈48 hours before to allow for drying.

Checked the above! Here are some suggestions for getting ready which will help us both:

  1. Please vacuum your traffic areas and under furniture you want moved, before I arrive. If you need to move furniture out to vacuum underneath, please place it back exactly where it belongs so as not to cover the traffic area next to, or in front of the furniture. I need to see the traffic ways during the pre-inspection and clearly, that is not possible if you have moved the furniture onto that area. I will be happy to move it, clean under it, and then replace it. Also I pre-spray the traffic ways first then move furniture onto that area, this gives the chemical more time to do it’s work thus Producing better results!
  2.  For your pets peace of mind and safety (and mine!) please put them in a safe place where our cleaning will not disturb them.
  3. Remove all items off furniture, which will have to be temporarily moved from it’s regular location to clean your carpet, including books on tables, etc I will not move furniture that displays breakable items. Please also see item 9 below.
  4. Any small pieces of furniture such as dining room chairs, magazine racks, etc. that you can remove from the carpet to be cleaned will shorten processing time and return the carpet to normal use sooner.
  5. China cabinets cannot be moved unless completely emptied of all breakables. However, carpet underneath such cabinets can be hand cleaned where sufficient room is available, or I can clean around the base.
  6. Please pin up any full-length draperies so that they will be at least 100 millimeters from the carpet. And open windows, if weather permitting. Drying relies on air movement through the house.
  7. Please have an outside water tap, near where the Van will be parked, available for us to turn on. You would not believe how long it can take to find a hose tap in an overgrown garden and not to mention the number of broken and unusable taps}
  8. Please make sure your driveway is clear of cars, boats etc, I need to get our van as close to the point of entry as possible.
  9. Please advise us about any special requirements to follow on moving your furniture, e.g., weak or broken tops, etc. I will only move furniture that is reasonably movable for one person. TVs,  Wood four post Beds, Wall Units, Bookcases, Stereo systems, Chest of Draws and the like WILL NOT BE MOVED  under any circumstances, due to their weight and breakable nature. If you require carpet underneath cleaned, you will need to remove this furniture from the room before I arrive.
  10. Please call to my attention too, any spots or stains which may require special techniques. It helps if you can Identify the staining agent if possible.
  11. TERMS are Full payment on completion of work by Cash, MasterCard, Amex or Visa Card only. No Credit Accounts or EFT.  Vacant properties require advance payment if not going to be at property on day.
  12. And finally Drying requires fine weather, if it is raining drying will be very slow UNLESS  you have air conditioning. If you would like to reschedule I am happy to do so.

By following the above suggestions it helps me to evaluate you’re cleaning requirement and save vast amounts of time. Allowing your household to get back to normal much quicker.

I hope this Getting ready what you need to know & things you need to do beforehand page has being of help.
Thank you for working with me , i look forward to serving you. Regards Derek Jeanneret

If you require Additional information on carpet cleaning have a look at Wikipedia page about the different carpet cleaning methods,

*A special note about odour
  • We include deodorizing as part of the cleaning process and do everything possible to reduce or eliminate pet odour. However, due to depth of contamination and the duration, 100% success may not be attainable, for several days after cleaning, if at all. You may also notice an elevated odor due to higher humidity levels over this time.