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Allergy Cleaning for dust, mite, pollen’s, mould

Allergy Cleaning : cause and effect!

If you have an allergy I know what you are going through I myself suffered with Asthma and Eczema caused by serve dust mite and pollen allergies for half my live. Your Doctor would have given you a list of things to avoid. Some may be food related and the others environmental such as Dust Mite No 1) and Pollen.

Now it is easy to control what you put in your mouth, but what about environmental indoor triggers. Well that’s a bit harder, but not impossible. But what is in Your House that could cause or trigger reaction. Well the list can be huge, but the main ones are,  spray can products, new furniture, biological contamination include dog and cat dander, saliva, urine, dust mites, cockroach poo just to name a few plus any outdoor pollutants brought inside by wind or feet, and  not forgetting we all shed skin and hair each day.
These indoor pollutants can act as triggers for asthma and other allergy ailments.

Now for the good news, you don’t have to live in a sealed stainless steel house. Research has found that carpet and furniture act as a magnet for most of the things listed above, we just need to safely clean the carpet and furniture regularly removing all the nasty’s out with low or non-allergenic cleaning solutions and Vacuum regularly with a good vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter and then once every four to six months get the carpet steam cleaned using non-allergenic chemicals. You should also think about getting your Mattress cleaned as well.

The Steam Cleaning Method or Hot Water Extraction as it is known today, is the most effective and safest method for Allergy suffers, as all the dirt and nasty’s are removed in the hot water rinse to the outside truck. The aim is to reduce the total amount of allergen in the house to a level that the body can tolerate, as it is impossible to remove every last bit of dust mite or cockroach poo or other allergen..

If you have concern about a particular allergy, please call me and I will do my best to talk you through the best process and treatment. There are some very good allergy cleaning solution on the market today or if you have extreme  allergies I can use just hot water. The choice is yours, I even have one customer who supplies her own chemical she gets from Germany.

Some Facts:

The No.1 indoor allergen source? The common house dust mite. Dust mites are microscopic, eight-legged arachnids (not insects) 0.3mm in, length.
They are invisible to the human eye, so small they can crawl through the weave of bedding fabrics. It is estimated 20% of the population has Dust Mite reaction Dust mites feed on tiny flakes of shed human skin cells.

The average adult sheds about 1 kilogram of skin per year. This will feed millions of dust mites. The dust mite is not what causes the problem; this lies with a protein found in the mites faecal matter called Der pl. The faecal mater is lighter than air and becomes airborne when disturbed by activity like fluffing pillows and tossing and turning during the night. The airborne particles are inhaled; the protein Der pI breaks down the protective mucous lining of the eyes, nose, lungs and skin. The allergens enter the body and cause an overreaction of the human immune system.

Other Bio-pollutants include dog and cat dander and cockroach poo, mould, pollen’s and building products like glue and solvents.
Children are the most at risk, as their lungs are still in the developmental stage.