Proper Carpet or Upholstery cleaning involves using the right cleaning methods :

  • Pre-Inspection :-
    Walking through the area and observing the dirt and stain level, checking physical condition, age and type of carpet or upholstery.
  • Pre-Conditioning :-
    Specially selected for your type of carpet or upholstery, I will pre-spray your carpets with cleaning solution that deodorise and prepares your carpet for maximum soil removal. These professional chemicals will remove soil and other harmful elements that become embedded deep into your carpet which over time ruin your carpet's appearance and colour.
  • Spot Removing :-
    Special spotting agents will be used in attempting to remove persistent spots.
  • High Powered Extraction:-
    Remove all chemical and dirt ( see below )
  • Carpet Protector (Optional) :-
    Your carpet can be treated with genuine “DuPont Teflon™” or a generic carpet protector. For a small Investment you will get added protection from soil and many staining agents.
My truck mounted steam cleaning equipment, is 28 times more powerful then your AVERAGE vacuum cleaner.
It uses HOT water at high pressure that is sprayed into your carpet, cleaning deep down where your vacuum
cleaner cannot reach. The powerful suction extracts the water, cleaners, dirt, sand, hair and mites,
lifting the PILE and RINSING the carpet.

This process is the most powerful and HYGIENIC of all carpet cleaning methods
used today, all dirt and chemicalsare REMOVED OUT OF YOUR HOUSE !
It gives you a more HYGIENIC and HEALTHIER CLEAN, with QUICKER DRYING times.
No chemical residue is left in your carpet or upholstery, unlike other cleaning methods that are used today. Your carpets are left dry enough to walk on, but depending on the weather,will require about 4 to 16 hours to dry. Air Conditioning and Ceiling fans can reduce this time even further.


Due to the cleaning equipment being fixed to the Truck there are restriction on what buildings I can clean. Must have Off Street Parking with-In 15 Meters or so of ENTRY ( See Photo's Below ) to Area to be Cleaned.
If the driveway is steep, I may need to park in the garage. I carry a total of 45 Mt of hose. Which is normally more than enough for most homes?
For Home Units I Must Park Directly under Balcony or at The Bottom of Stairwell., this is not always possible in NEW Unit Buildings. Must have a water tap near the van. I do not need access to electricity.
Sorry No High Rise Buildings above 2nd floor. Please phone us for more information regarding access. If we cant help you, we have a list of company's that we can recommend that use portable equipment.